Weight Loss and
I am 100 percent responsible for my results
I am willing to pay the price necessary to achieve my goals
Whatever it takes, I do it.
I have time for everything I am committed to.
I am committed to fat and weight loss
I am committed to toning up and exercising
It is easy for me to lose fat
It is easy for me to exercise
It is easy for me to lose weight
It is easy for me to faithfully take my supplements
It is easy for me to eat right
I like working out every morning
Training early in the morning is exhilarating
I am extremely productive today
I am an early rise and I am energetic
My metabolism is speedy; it functions like God made it to
I get leaner every day
I am a fat burning machine
I weigh _____  pounds and am a size ___**
I am so happy and thankful now that I am ___ pounds**
I work out faithfully because I want to obey God and look good for my husband
I weight covenant weight all the days of my life (what God sees me as weighing)
I enjoy working out because I love God and obey Him
I like eating healthy foods.  I crave healthy foods
I like the way I look - I like my body – I like myself
My hair is thick and luxurious all the days of my life
I always look younger than I am
All my clothes look good on me
My skin is supple and elastic
My stomach is flat and smooth

**You can use this confession as an interval one, i.e., if you weight 200 pounds
are are a size 22 now, you can say, "I weigh 185 pounds and am a size 20."  
Then when you reach that goal, change it for the next dress size or weight you
want to be.
 Or, "I am so happy and thankful I am 165 pounds" when you
presently weight 170."