Tame Brows with Eye Cream
Pat any kind of rich eye cream over your eyebrows to help keep them hydrated.

Groom Brows with a Toothbrush
Using a new toothbrush or eyebrow comb, mist it with hair spray then use to help flatten and tame
unruly eyebrows.

Customize Your Body Lotion
Instead of purchasing an expensive perfumed body lotion make your own by pouring a few drops of
fragrance into any scent-free lotion.

Brush on Hair Spray
After you finish blow-drying your hair, spray hair spray onto your hairbrush and run it through strands
from roots to tips. This gives you volume and shine without the stiff look!

Use Toothpaste on a Pimple
Use pea-size amount of paste and let sit for 15 minutes.  It will absorb the oil; then wash off paste.

Tea Bag Help
If your skin is sensitive or is just looking irritated and puffy, steep a tea bag of green tea for a minute
or two, let it cool down, and dab it over your face. The antioxidants in the tea help lessen the

Shave with Hair Conditioner
Are you out of shaving cream?  Coat your legs with a thick hair conditioner. It softens the leg hair so
it's easier to shave off and makes legs feel silky.

Shine with Vinegar
Mix one part vinegar with four parts carbonated water, and soak dry hair. Leave on for 15 minutes
before you shampoo to lock in shine and combat dullness.

Brush with Mouthwash
After a late night, if you're just too tired to clean your teeth, rinse with water and mouthwash, then use
a dry toothbrush on the area where your teeth hit your gums.

Make an Egg-White Mask
To revive tired, dull skin, take an egg, separate the yolk, and put egg white in a bowl.  Whisk until
frothy and use them to make a face mask. Leave it on for five minutes, and rinse off.  The proteins
help to heal and restore skin's moisture.
Over the years, I've collected all sorts of interesting tidbits of beauty
information.  From reading magazines to listening to women talk, I've
learned we can always learn something new when it comes to beauty!