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JoyUs Musing
Edition #10-13

I promised last week that I would tell you what God did for us after our property was hit by a tornado.  We talked
about the safe place under God's protection.

One of the benefits of dwelling in the secret place of the most High God is that God will provide deliverance for
you any way you need it.  The word "deliver" in Psalm 91:14 means: to slip out, to escape, or to lift up and carry.

The devil has to respect the blood.  When you say, "I plead the blood of Jesus in this situation," that's the blood by
which the covenant was ratified, and the devil can't touch it. There's protection in the blood. There's deliverance in
the blood.   

The best story I ever read - which was the example that helped me understand the power of pleading the Blood -
or placing a Blood line - is found here.  

But I digress.  To save time in this Musing, I'll give you the shortened version!  To read the longer version of what
happened, click here:

Standing in the middle of the mess left by the tornado, it looked as if the devil had won.  Not only had the wind
taken out a portion of the roof on our house, it had taken our 1000 sq ft shop/garage, lifted it up and thrown it out
into the middle of the street in front of our house.

The strangest thing was that although things had been blown around, not one item left our property.  Things were
blown right to the property line, but nothing blew over it.  That blood line in action!

However, what I felt was devastated because of the loss there was.  I felt like the devil had shown the world how
powerful he was and was rubbing it in our faces.  Leland and I stood in the middle of this mess and prayed.  We
asked God to show His hand and restore everything to that His Glory was manifested far better than this mess the
enemy created.

I also questioned God about the blood.  To me, it looked as if pleading the Blood hadn't worked.  We had to deal
with rain in our house for over a week because that is how long it took the insurance adjuster to show up.  (There
were a lot of places totally wiped out in OK so we were low on the totem pole.)

During prayer time, God spoke to my heart and said, "The devil is a legalist.  He is always looking for ways to
devour.  If you have any open areas in your hedge of protection (Job 1:10), he will worm his way in, in an attempt
to steal, kill and destroy.  You plead the blood around your property.  How did the tornado work?"

I remembered then that the adjuster had said how strange it was that the tornado was on a path straight toward
our house (he could tell by the twisted trees, grass, etc.), yet it hit the outbuilding instead.  The adjuster said it
looked like at the last second, it took a hop at our property line (only about 150 feet from the house) and was
diverted toward the outbuilding.  It then came down from above to take out the garage building.  The roof was a
product of the outer edges of the wind.

Further prayer time helped me to see that I had pleaded the blood AROUND my property and the tornado had
come in from above.  Now some people might say, "That's ridiculous and much too picky" but I'd rather be safe
than have another tornado come in from above!  And obviously the tornado was headed straight to our house
when it suddenly changed directions the last 150 feet.  ONLY GOD.

We now plead the blood OVER, AROUND, AND UNDER our properties (and anything else we're praying about).  
And, needless to say, God has made the property look so much better than it did prior to the tornado.  His Glory is
seen to be far more powerful than the devastation the enemy created!

It "pays" to plead the Blood and to live in the secret place.

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